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Wow, it is hard for me to even put to words what a wonderful job Aly did coordinating my wedding. Whenever I had any question or needed advice prior to the day she was there to help. She was always communicative and helpful prior to the actual day. She even put up with my tendency to be a little of a control freak. On the day of the wedding we had rough weather, and a large traffic accident that caused many guests to be delayed. Aly handled everything and gave me piece of mind at the same time. I did not have to ask her twice to get any task accomplished and was my right hand man all day. She allowed me to enjoy the experience of the wedding without getting caught up in the details (because she already taken care of them). I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone. Aly is an intelligent, hard working, woman who truly made our wedding a success. I could not have done it without her! - Devyn B.

I can't say enough about how wonderful it was working with Aly for my September 25th, 2010 wedding in Beaver Creek, Colorado. As an A-type person, and bride, it was hard for me to let go of the planning details and Aly just went with the flow and took on whatever I let her and offered to help at every turn. My family and friends are hard to wrangle and she just adapted at every turn and somehow made things happen on time. The wedding logistics and coordination were difficult and time consuming and with her help everything went off without a hitch. Not only was she easy to work with, but you feel like you're working with an old friend. Her easy going manner is a joy in the hustle and bustle of wedding planning and to top it off she was quite the trooper at 7 months pregnant on top of a mountain keeping everything on schedule. Everyone was attached to (and hugging) her by the end of the wedding weekend which speaks volumes for her character and skill at her craft. She is someone I hope to stay in touch with over the years as she was such an integral part of the time leading up to my big day and a pleasure to be around. -Dana O.

I loved working with Aly, she was reliable and dependable from the first day I called her until we walked down the aisle and beyond.  She has great style, character and it was a joy to have her be a part of planning for our special day. - Shannon + Mike Kopp

From day one, we loved working with Aly. In person, by phone or email, Aly was always willing to answer our questions, provide advice and suggestions, and communicate clearly and effectively. Through the planning process we often came to her with poorly-formed ideas and she helped us to build them into reality. And, while our own schedules were hectic and unpredictable, we could always depend on Aly to keep us on track! When it came to our wedding weekend, Aly was professional, calm and completely in control of all the details we didn't want to or need to deal with. Instead, we were truly able to enjoy every second of the most memorable experience of our lives. We, along with our families, truly have Aly to thank for allowing us to connect, celebrate and share in all the festivities without worrying about the details. Finally, Aly is one of the kindest, funniest, caring and balanced people we know-it was a pleasure to get to know her through the process. We cannot say enough about Aly-she is the best! - Colleen + Brad

Here's what people are saying about Knot Just Another Wedding!

Aly was passionate about making our wedding magical and memorable. She was not only our extraordinarily talented wedding planner but also a bridesmaid! Aly embraced her dual roles with enthusiasm and was beyond efficient in helping us plan and implement a large celebration. She kept our wedding planning on track and kept the bride calm—no easy feat! Aly helped us select and negotiate with vendors, had thoughtful solutions to any issues that arose and kept us informed of any changes that needed to be made to the well-crafted timeline. Her creativity, attention to detail and exemplary organizational skills helped perfect our day. Aly managed many moving parts with grace and a willing attitude—and with the energy and time she dedicated to us, you would never have known that she was pregnant with her second child! Her endless patience and good humor are commendable and really helped us through the normal stresses of such a large and life-changing event. It was the best day of my life thus far, and I was able to truly enjoy and savor every moment because I knew I had nothing to worry about, thanks to Aly. We couldn’t have done it without you, Aly! - Caitlin J.

There's no question that so much time and effort goes into planning a wedding. It can often become easily overwhelming and stressful for a bride, turning the excitement of planning for the big day, and the day itself, into a wish that it was all over with. Therefore, in my experience as a Professional Wedding Photographer, I have found that having an expert Wedding Planner to help orchestrate the day, advise on specifics, and be an extra helping hand can mean the difference between a perfect stress free day, and a big mess of regrets with heavy burdens placed on family, friends, and of course the bride! Now to the good stuff! Aly Camerlo with Knot Just Another Wedding is the best! She knows how to translate a brides vision with style, grace, and professionalism. Her kind and fun nature balance perfectly with her ability to direct, and I can personally attest for her sincere care for her clients and for the other participating vendors.  What can I say? I love working with Aly because things run smoothly and are filled with more smiles! - June Cochran (June Cochran Photography)

I am so happy I met Aly at the UnBridal Show in Salida! From my first conversation with her, I felt at ease with her and knew she would help make everything run smoothly on our special day. In the months leading up to the wedding she was so cheerful and helpful, always checking in to see how things were going and offering super useful tips that I never would have thought of. She made everything look easy and no task was too big for her! At the rehearsal, she was so skillful at directing everyone and keeping us organized. The morning of the wedding she arrived hours early to help set up our reception hall. She was so intuitive when it came to understanding my aesthetic vision for everything--I barely had to explain anything, it was almost like she was reading my mind! She was instrumental in keeping everyone on track and on schedule the entire day, from when we started getting ready all the way until the end of the night. Brad and I (and our families) didn't have to worry about a thing on the day of our wedding, and we owe that all to Aly! We especially loved that she packed up our entire reception hall for us at the end of the night, so we didn't have to do a thing the next day! And she even found time to sneak away during the reception to tidy up our cabin and decorate it with candles and brought tears to my eyes! We so appreciated having Aly by our side during this process and we highly recommend her to anyone getting married in Colorado! Thank you Aly!  - Emily + Brad

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